Design Services & Support

Working with Offsite Construction Centre is a new and exciting experience for architects, engineers and designers. We support our clients to understand our innovative systems in a timely and enjoyable manner. Many clients refer to this as adult kids playing with new grown up toys. OCCL forms part of your design team, guides them through the system complexities and demonstrates how standard details can be utilised while ensuring the original design intent is retained.

Our dedicated Design Managers provide project-specific guidance to ensure effective collaboration between your design team and the system manufacturers. This results in a smooth transition from design concept to project realisation.

Full Service Assembly

On completion of design, the assembly is the most critical part of any offsite timber building system. At OCCL we manage and co-ordinate the full assembly of the timber solution to ensure you receive the building as the architect designed and the manufacturers intended.

Specialist Insurance Cover

Historically the timber frame sector, especially the traditional open frame timber building system has received an unfair stigma. We have partnered with specialists in the timber frame insurance market and can secure insurance on any form of timber construction. Our partner can provide you with the best insurance quotes during the construction phase and for the long term use of the building.

Short and Long Term Funding for Timber Frame Construction

In the past it was difficult both for established developers and New-Build / Self Build clients to get funding for timber buildings. This has changed.  OCCL can connect you with lending institutions who are keen to provide the funds in both the short and the long term.

Fully Backed By UK Warranty Providers

Our buildings all come with a structural guarantee of some length, normally between 20-30 year, and are supported by all the major warranty providers in the UK market.



Complementary Products and Services

We have in-depth knowledge of what works well in terms of mechanical and electrical systems, plus HVAC systems for these energy efficient buildings. We can introduce you to many different types of available technologies, as well as advise on the ones that will be the most efficient to install, simple to run and competitively priced. Examples include:

  • Single Ply Roofing Systems
  • Thin Film PV Systems
  • Infra-Red Radiant Heating
  • Ventilation Systems

In Conclusion

Offsite Construction Centre brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to co-ordinate all elements of your new low energy, sustainable, cost effective timber building. We can guide and support you from early stages of design all the way to project handover and completion.